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How to Save on Rental Cars!

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Let’s talk about saving on rental cars!! I can always save on flights and hotels but it is definitely harder to get really good deals on rental cars but I have learned some tricks over the years!

Credit Card Rewards:

You can use your Chase Credit Card Rewards to Book a Rental Car. You would need to book these through the Chase Portal. This is usually a 1:25 ratio so if you paid $500 for a car you would need about 38,000 points. Plus this card offers rental car insurance.

You can use your Capital One Venture Card. You can book your rental car where you please and then use the Travel Eraser on your online portal to erase the purchase. The amount will depend on how many miles you have

Use the Venture X Travel Credit. Book the car in the Capital One portal and $300 of the car fee will be credited back on your statement. You can also erase the purchase with your points from your sign up bonus.

Loyalty Programs:

Sign up for your favorite car rentals loyalty program! We love Budget Rental Car and we have a membership to their loyalty program and their Fastbreak program (this allows you to skip lines and it’s free!) A lot of times you can get rental prices lower when you are logged into you account. These programs are free so it is so worth it to sign up.

National Rental Car is my husband’s favorite and you can earn free rentals with their program!

Costco Travel:

We use this a lot for rental cars! The prices are almost always less and they show you the price with taxes so you aren’t surprised at checkout!


This is a great website to save on cars! You answer a few questions about where you are going, what type of car you want AND what credit cards you have and they will search for the best discounts! It’s always worth checking!!


This is like the VRBO for cars! People will rent their cars out to others and a lot of times it is much cheaper than other places. There are reviews you can read about it before you decide whose car to rent! I have actually never used this service but a lot of my family does and just loves it! They will leave a car at the airport with a key and you get to skip the rental car lines and shuttles!

It definitely pays to shop around! I actually avoid places like Priceline and Expedia unless it’s super last minute and I know my plans aren’t changing. You usually can’t change or cancel through these sites.

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