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Keep Track of your Credit Cards with Travel Freely!

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When I first started getting into Travel Hacking it was super overwhelming! I was applying for different cards and getting some great bonuses but trying to keep track of what cards I had and bonus deadlines was frustrating! The main frustration was keeping track of my points and miles, keeping track of my 5/24 and what dates I had to meet my bonuses by! Finally, I was introduced to the Travel Freely App! It allows me to keep track of all these things and stay organized!

What is so great about this app??

  • It keeps track of all your miles.
  • Keeps track of where you in the 5/24.
  • Tells you the best time for you to apply for a new card.
  • Keeps track of bonus deadlines.
  • Let’s you compare different credit cards.
  • Let’s me know when my annual fees is approaching so I can decide if the card is worth renewing or downgrading.
  • It’s FREE!

Another thing I really like is it allows me to set travel goals so I can see how many points I might need for a specific trip. Right now I am trying to plan a trip to Europe so this allows be see how close I am to booking this trip! My goal is FREE Flights and Lodging!

Grab this app and get organized!!

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