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Earning Extra Points with a Partner Two!!

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One of the main questions I am asked is how I earn so many points? I earn a lot from opening new cards in my name each year BUT I also have my husband open up cards using my referral links that earns us even more points. In the points and miles world this is commonly referred to as “Partner 2.” My Partner 2 is my husband but it can really be anyone you enjoy traveling with..boyfriend, girlfriend, siblings, parents, a best friend..the list goes on!!

Let’s look of an example of what I do:

  • I then turn around and send my referral link to my husband. This earns me 15,000 extra points when he is approved.
  • In the end we have earned 135,000 Chase Points to use on a future trip.
  • I do this with almost every card I open.

TIP: Never make your spouse or Partner 2 an authorized user unless they are trying to build credit. It makes it hard to get their own card. If you have done this you can always remove them as a user and wait a couple weeks and then have them apply for a new card of their own.

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