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Beginner Tips for Traveling with Credit Card Points!

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Travel Hacking or traveling on Credit Card Points has become one of my favorite hobbies!! If you are new to this I am sure you want to get started on learning about traveling for cheaper or for free but it feels daunting and confusing.I promise once you get the hang of it you will be amazed at how easy it is and also how addicting it is! Here are some of my best tips on getting started!!

Start with ONE Credit Card!

Sometimes it is overwhelming when you see all the cards you can apply for and hear about transferring miles, referrals, minimum spends, the list goes on and on!! My best advice is get one card, meet the minimum spend, get your points and repeat. Don’t try and get multiple cards at once.

So What Card to get?

Chase Sapphire Preferred is the ultimate beginner card! I did a write up about why it is the best card to start with! The annual fee is low at $95 and the minimum spend is one of the easiest to meet!

Plan your Trip First

When I first started traveling with credit card points I decided to plan my trip first and then apply for the card just to have an idea of what I needed and what airlines I was most likely to fly. Now that I have the hang of it I just like to stockpile points but planning a trip before really helped me get the hang of it.

Take Advantage of your Referrals

If you are married or have a partner you like to travel with take advantage of the credit card’s referral program! So say you apply for the Chase Sapphire Card and are accepted, once you are set up on the Chase portal you can refer a spouse or friend to the card and they get the bonus and you get an extra 15,000 points once they are approved! This is amazing for couples because you basically get double points!!

Get Familiar with the Chase 5/24 Rule!

Check out this post to see how it works!

Be Ready Financially!

This is a hobby for all incomes but one of my number one tips is to be in a good spot financially. This doesn’t mean you have to have a certain income but if you have credit card debt I would work on that before you get into this hobby! It is so important that you pay your credit cards off every month! I use these cards for my everyday spending and certain bills but I don’t spend more than my means and pay them off each month. If you have credit issues work on repairing that before you jump in..you will need a decent credit score to get approved for most cards.

Ask for Help!

Please email at @aubree@savingsandsand.com if you need help on getting started! I can help you decide which card is best and how to use those points to get you traveling for less!

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