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How to Earn FREE Flights and Hotel Stay in Cancun!!

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Cancun is one of my favorite vacations!! It is only a 3 Hour Nonstop Flight from Denver and of course it is warm and so so pretty. We love going in the Winter to escape the cold. We also love how welcoming and friendly the people are. Today, I am going to break down how to get to Cancun for nearly free with TWO Credit Card Bonuses.

I based these prices from my home airport of Denver so the points may vary but it does give you some idea of what the points could look like!


Usually from my home airport of Denver, Southwest has the best flights to Cancun..sometimes United is close too! I did a quick search for January 2023 and if I went from January 22nd through January 26th it would be 13,280 points Roundtrip on Southwest. I would pay a little less than $100 in fees per ticket but that is better than $400 per ticket which was the cash price!

The flights were not super great with a layover but I might suffer through it because I have the companion pass which would make one ticket free!! United had some non-stop flights for around 19,000 miles roundtrip!

How to get these miles:

I would open up the Southwest Rapid Rewards Card. This card would give me 50,000 miles. This has a low annual fee of $69 and only $1,000 Minimum Spend. This card could easily get you 2 Round-Trip tickets to Cancun and a nice chunk toward the Companion Pass! Plus you would still have some miles leftover for a different trip!


Consider Opening the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. Once you meet the Minimum Spend of $5,000 in 3 months you will earn 60,000 points. My favorite thing about this card is that you have so many transfer partners including the Hyatt which is one of our favorite hotels!!

I did a quick search of the dates of 1/22/23-1/27/23 and there are several hotel options! If you wanted Four Nights covered you could stay at the Now Emerald Cancun for just 15,000 points per night!! You would just transfer those Chase points into your Hyatt Account and book!

Option 2:

I might book at the Dreams Resort and Spa which is 20K per night so you could only get THREE nights free BUT this is an all inclusive so all your food for TWO is covered. I would either move to a cheaper place after the third or pay the cash rate of $500 per night. I do love to get everything for free but $500 is also not bad for a 4 night stay for 2 in an all-inclusive!!

Note: If you have a small business…check out this post and card and you could earn more Chase points to completely cover this stay! Plus it doesn’t take a slot in your 5/24!!

This is just a small glimpse of what you could do with 2 Credit Card Bonuses and how long you could stay! Cancun is a trip you won’t regret!

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